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Razor Barbed Wire
  • Razor Barbed Wire
  • Razor Barbed Wire
  • Razor Barbed Wire
  • Razor Barbed Wire
  • Razor Barbed Wire
Razor Barbed WireRazor Barbed WireRazor Barbed WireRazor Barbed WireRazor Barbed Wire

Razor Barbed Wire

Golden Metal Supply:

1):Concertina Razor Wire;

2):Flat Type Razor Wire;

3):Welded Razor Wire Mesh Panel;

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Concertina Razor Wire: 

Concertina Razor Wire is also called Ribbon Wire,Razor Barbed Wire.


Concertina Razor wire is composed of razor tape and core wire.

The razor tape is stamped by galvanized steel sheet or stainless steel sheet,and core wire is high tension galvanized iron wire or stainless steel wire. and then razor tape and core wire are pressed together by Concertina Razor Wire machine.

Material: high quality galvanized steel sheet and galvanized steel wire, or stainless steel sheet and stainless steel wire.

Accoring to different material,Razor Barbed Wire is divide into:

1:Galvanized Razor Barbed Wire(zinc coating 30g/m2,60-100g/m2.200-250g/m2)

2.Stainless steel Razor Barbed Wire(AISI 304,AISI 316,AISI 304lL,AISI316L etc)

3.PVC coated Razor Barbed Wire

According to different way of barbed wire installation, razor barbed wire can be classified into:

1):Concertina Razor Wire(with clips,three clips/ coil or 5clips/coil):

Razor Barbed Wire

2):Single coil Razor Barbed Wire(without clips):

Razor Barbed Wire

3):Flat type Razor Barbed Wire:

Razor Barbed Wire

4):Welded Razor wire mesh Panel:

Razor Barbed Wire

Specification of razor barbed wire:

                                                                                          Razor blade style and specification
Number        Blade StyleThickness (mm)Coil Wire DiameterBlade Width






                                                                       Specification of Razor Barbed Wire Roll
Outer DiameterLoopsLength per CoilTypeType
450mm337 – 8 MCBT-60.65Single coil
500mm5612 – 13 MCBT-60.65Single coil
700mm5613 – 14 MCBT-60.65Single coil
960mm5614 – 15 MCBT-60.65Single coil
450mm568-9M (3 Clips)BTO- type
500mm569-10M (3 Clips)BTO- type
600mm5610-11M (3 Clips)BTO- type
600mm568-10M (5 Clips)BTO- type
700mm5610-12M (5 Clips)BTO- type
800mm5611-13M (5 Clips)BTO- type
900mm5612-14M (5 Clips)BTO- type
960mm5613-15M (5 Clips)BTO- type
980mm5614-16M (5 Clips)BTO- type
Note: Coil diameter and length at the customers' requirements.

Application of Razor Barbed Wire:Razor barbed wire is widely used as Razor Wire Fence in military affair,persion,airport fence,bank fencing,house fencing,railway,etc.

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