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Wall Spike

Golden Metal Wire Mesh Factory Supply:

  • Galvanized Wall Spikes;

  • PVC Coated Wall Spike;

  • Stainless Steel Wall Spikes;

Low cost,easy installation and high protective ability,Order now!


Wall Spikes:

Wall Spike is also called Anti climb spikes,Fence Wall Spikes,razor spike, orbird spike, it is sumilar to razor barbed tape.

Wall Spikes type:

A):Big Type Wall Spikes:




4):Spike length:120mm

5):Spike per metrt:20

6):Material:steel sheet or stainless steel sheet


stainless steel sheet wall spike

B):Middle Type Wall Spikes:

1): Lenght:1.25m

2): Width:4.5cm

3): Thickness:2mm

4): Spike length:90mm

5): Spike per metrt:20

6): Material:steel sheet or stainless steel sheet

7): Weight:0.8kg

steel sheet wall spike

C):Small Type Wall Spikes:

1): Lenght:1.25m

2): Width:2.2cm

3): Thickness:1mm

4): Spike length:60mm

5): Spike per metrt:20

6): Material:steel sheet or stainless steel sheet


small type wall spikes

other size can be produced as customer's special requirement

Features of Wall Spikes: Low cost, easy installation, high protective ability.

Package of Wall Spikes: 10 units per carton.

Application of Wall Spikes: it is widely used in the garden, factory etc security fence protection to play a protective role or is fixed on the wall,fencing, gates building or metal guardrails.

Wall Spikes are widely used as fence wall spikes, welcome contact us when you need it!