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325 mesh | 325 mesh in micron | 325 mesh sieve

Dec. 19 , 2023

A 325 screen has 325 wires per inch. 

325 mesh is the finest particle size that most ceramic minerals can be practically processed to. 

This is a Mesh size that you see a lot, especially on kaolin data sheets.  For example, you may be offered a “325 Mesh kaolin”. 

325 mesh particle size is also commonly used in the following fields:

painting grade talc 325 mesh,

coatings 325 mesh

325 mesh Graphite

325 mesh Manganese oxide Mn2O3

Magnesium oxide 325 mesh

325 mesh Tin powder

325 mesh Lanthanum Oxide, Tantalum, Aluminum powder, quartz powder, nickel powder, etc.

A sieve with 325 wires/inch, the openings between the wires measure 44 microns.

MeshWire Dia.Opening Width   % of Open Area   
   325X325      0.0014      0.035      0.0017      0.044   30

Rolls with widths of 1 meter, 1.3 meters, and 1.5 meters and lengths of 30 meters 325 mesh wire mesh can be provided. They can also be cut into various shapes for 325 mesh sieve and 325 mesh filtration.