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Concrete Reinforcing Mesh

Concrete Reinforcing Mesh is manufactured using cold-rolled deformed wire, electrically resistance welded at the intersections of the longitudinal and transverse wires at the required mesh spacing with minimal loss of strength and cross-sectional area. Which is made from 3–40 mm diameter metal rods. There are square or rectangular mesh openings for your choice, and with galvanized surface, it's corrosion and rust resistant, so it has long service life.

Golden Metal Supply:

1. Ribbed Steel Bar concrete wire mesh;

2. Round Steel Bar concrete wire mesh;

Strong welded point ensure flat even surface and firm structure,Welcome send inquiry!

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Concrete Reinforcing Mesh also known as concrete wire mesh,concrete mesh,steel reinforcing mesh,welded wire reinforcement,welded mesh fabric reinforcement.

Common used reinforcing wire mesh:

1).Concrete Reinforcing Mesh: 

Welded Ribbed Steel Rebar Fabric Reinforcement.also called concrete reo,reo mesh.

Welded mesh reinforcement is made from metal rods with 3 to 40 mm diameter. These metal rods are perpendicular bonded by spot welding. Concrete reinforcing mesh used in residential, industrial and road construction, such as concrete footpaths and industrial and commercial ground slabs, precast panel construction and residential slabs and footings.

Our reinforcing mesh wire is ribbed steel rod, which creates improves bonding to concrete, minimizes any concrete cracking that may occur as a result of concrete shrinkage.

Smooth steel reinforcing mesh also can be manufactured according customers special requirement.

Specification of concrete reinforcing mesh:

Type: Concrete mesh heavy type (diameter of rods above 12 mm) and light type (diameter of rebar rods from 3 mm up to 10 mm).

Material: stainless steel rebar rods, galvanized steel rods (with its excellent resistance to corrosion, galvanized reinforcing mesh can be successfully used in wet conditions).

Mesh shape: rectangular or square.

Distance between rods: 100, 200, 300, 400 and 500 mm.

Mesh sheet width: 650 mm - 3800 mm.

Mesh sheet length: 850 mm, 6 m, 9 m, 12 m.

Standard reinforcing steel mesh sheet sizes are: 6.0 m × 2.4 m. And 4.80 m × 2.4 m, 3.6 m × 2 m, 2 m × 4 m also offered.

reinforcing steel mesh

Concrete Reinforcing Mesh

2).Trench Mesh:

• Trench mesh is long, narrow sheets of concrete reinforcing mesh, ideally sizes for trenches, paths or other narrow spaces.

• Trench mesh common uses include rock walls, brick walls and house footings and used specifically for residential footing trenches.

• Trench mesh made from grade D500L ribbed reinforcing wire including main wire and cross wire. Its longitudinal wires (main wire) from 7.6 mm up to 15.6 mm diameter, and cross wire in 4 mm or 4.77 mm diameter.

• The trench rib mesh products all come 6.0 m longs with a variety of standard widths from 200 mm to 500 mm.

trench rib mesh

Trench Mesh

3).Concrete Slab Mesh: 

welded building wall reinforcement,also called Slab Mesh.

Concrete slab mesh is reinforced welded wire mesh panels. This reinforced welded wire mesh panels are made of galvanized welded wire mesh for constructional uses. For example, block slab structure reinforcing, and hollowed slabs reinforcement, building wall reinforcement and support wall reinforcement.

Specification of concrete slab mesh:

Material: hot dipped galvanized, electro galvanized or stainless steel.

Slab mesh sheets: length 6 m × width 2.4 m.

Mesh size: 200 × 200 mm or 100 × 100 mm.



Features of concrete reinforcing mesh

• Concrete mesh is a high efficient, economical and flexible for concrete reinforcement, greatly save the construction time and reducing the labor force;

• Flat even surface, firm structure; Save time and labor of work; Strengthen the concrete parts to reduce surface breaking ratio;

• Depending on job requirements welded mesh can be designed either in flat sheets, rolls or bent to suit;

• The mesh is easy to load and unload, and easy to handle at the working site;

• The steel bars stay intact whenever immersed in concrete because they are carefully welded in mats;

• The deformed wire used in the production of welded mesh improves concrete adhesion. The wire has a minimum proof stress of 485MPa and a tensile strength of 510MPa as per BS4482 Standard Specification requirements.

Applications of concrete reinforcing mesh

• Road and highway construction;

• Buildings project;

• Foundation reinforcement;

• Bridge engineering;

• Beams and columns;

• Used to form various fences;

• Tunnel lining;

• Used as animal enclosure;

• Precast concrete elements;

• Retaining and shear walls;

• Concrete paving overlays;

• Swimming pool and gunite construction.

Production Technology of Concrete Reinforcing Mesh: 

The machine is automatic welding equipment, it is antomatic welded by ribbed steel bar or round steel bar, is manufactured to SANS 1024:2006 and to other international standard specifications.

Specifications of Concrete Reinforcing Mesh:

Fabric referenceLongitudinal Wire
Cross Wire
Steel Area (mm2/m) 
Nominal Mass per 
Diameter(mm)Spacing(mm)Diameter(mm)Spacing(mm)Main(mm)Cross(mm)Square Meter(kg/m2)
Square Mesh
Rectangular Mesh
 Long Mesh
 Small Square Mesh

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