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Hexagonal Wire Mesh

Hexagonal Wire Mesh is also called chicken wire mesh, chicken wire fence, poultry netting, poultry wire, gabion mesh or hexagonal wire netting. There are a lot of different surface treatments, such as galvanized, pvc coated, black vinyl coated, etc. So it has various colors, which makes it has an attractive appearance. Hexagonal wire mesh is widely used to limit chicken and protect chicken simultaneously. It is also applied to fence other poultry or domestic animals, such as chicken, ducks, geese, rabbits, dogs.Chicken wire also can decorate furniture, cabinet and dresser, manufacture sculptures, or used as window screen and door screen. It can be made into rockfall netting and stucco mesh. Heavy hexagonal wire mesh could used for gabion basket and gabion sack, it can control and guide water or flood, used as retaining walls, channel lining, in emergency situation and river training work.


Type of hexagonal wire mesh:

1.Galvanized Hexagonal wire mesh;

2.PVC coated Hexagonal wire mesh;

3.Stainless Steel Hexagonal wire mesh.

Specification of hexagonal wire mesh:

Materials: galvanized wire, PVC coated wire, black vinyl coated and stainless steel wire

Colors: green, black, red, purple, or other RAL colors.

Roll height: 50 cm, 100 cm, 120 m, 150, cm, 180 cm, or 200 cm.

Roll length: 10 m, 25 m or 50 m.

Package: in rolls and packaged in waterproof paper.

Galvanized hexagonal wire mesh /Stainless steel hexagonal wire mesh
MeshWire Guage(BWG)

PVC Coated Hexagonal Wire Mesh
Wire Guage(BWG)

Usage of hexagonal wire mesh:

• Poultry Netting: Chicken Wire, Chicken Fencing, Bird Wire Mesh, Aviary Mesh, Protect Poultry with Wire Netting

Poultry Netting-Chicken Wire-Chicken Fencing-Bird Wire Mesh-Aviary Mesh-Protect Poultry with Wire Netting

• Stucco Mesh: Stucco Netting, Reinforce Roof and Wall

Stucco Mesh-Stucco Netting

• Hexagonal Wire Mesh for Rock Wool Blanket

• Rabbit Fence: Control or Protect Rabbit

• Hexagonal Road Mesh: Hexagonal Wire Mesh as Reinforcement Road

• Gabion Basket: Flexible and Permeable Stone Container

gabion basket-gabion boxes wire mesh-gabion box wire fencing

• Gabion Sack: Corrosion Resistance Cylindrical Stone Bag

• Slope Vegetation: Landscaping Creation and Erosion Control Solution for Slopes

• Slope Shotcrete: Slope Shotcrete Suitable Hexagonal Wire Mesh Netting

• Green Gabion Basket: Advanced Gabion Basket to Grow Plants

• Trapezoidal Gabion Basket: Gradient of 45° or 60°

• Green Hexagonal Terramesh: Triangle Brackets Supported Green Hexagonal Terramesh

• Slope Vegetation Used Planting Compacted Substrate Container

• Hexagonal Wire Mesh as Facing for Insulation Blanket

• Paddle Tennis Wire: Paddle Tennis and Platform Tennis Wire

• Hexagonal Mesh Crab Trap: Galvanized or PVC Coating for Durable

• Rockfall Netting: Controlling Rocks Fall

Features of hexagonal wire mesh:

• Excellent corrosion resistance. Due to having a lot of surface treatments.

• Sound structure, high strength and smooth surface.

• Perfect sizes. It is convenient for feeders to feed animals.

• Good ventilation. Keep animals living in a comfortable environment.

• Flexible. Easy to transport and install.