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Stainless Steel Disinfection Basket

We offer the Wire Mesh Sterilization Basket, Tray for Sterilization,Wire sterilization basket,etc.

Through the processes of welding or woven, profiling, bending, the mesh surface is smooth and tidy, and the meshes are uniform. Stainless wire materials in SUS302, 304, 316, 304L, 316L offers excellent corrosion resistance to acid, alkaline and heat environments. 

The wire mesh basket and the surface can be polished, plastic and plastic sprayed, and various sizes can be customized according to the needs of the customers.

The Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Baskets can be used in Medical disinfection, hospital, household, food,industry cleaning, etc.



It is made with woven wire mesh, or welded mesh, round wire normally. Finished with chrome plating or stainless steel surface.

Stainless Steel woven wire mesh Disinfection Basket

Stainless Steel welded mesh Disinfection Basket

Product specifications:

380 * 300 * 50mm 400 * 300 * 50mm

280 * 200 * 60mm 350 * 250 * 60mm

450 * 300 * 60mm 480 * 250 * 70mm

250 * 170 * 70mm 340 * 250 * 70mm 

all trays and baskets can be customized  as per requirement,such as wire diameter,mesh hole size, size of tray and basket.

Medical Disinfection Basket


1. Stackable for easy storage.

2. It is made of 304 316 stainless steel, with surface treatment and electrolytic polishing. It is durable, hygienic, and compatible with steam and EtO sterilization.

3. The grid design facilitates the penetration of water or steam to ensure the cleaning and sterilization effect.

4. Perforations maximize exposure to sterilizing steam.

5. Small perforations reduce risk of damaged instrument points.

6. Available in a variety of sizes and dimensions.

Product Usage:

1. SS Cleaning Sterilized Basket is mainly used in medical units, hospital departments such as operating rooms, supply rooms, disinfection rooms, dental clinics, wards and other medical institutions related to cleaning and disinfection. 

2. Ideal for transportation, sterilization, and storage of instruments.

3. Disinfection of instruments, laboratory experiments.

4. It can be used for disinfection and sterilization of articles, ultrasonic cleaning, storage, etc., especially for surgery

Put the instruments and diagnostic instruments into the instrument tray for cleaning and sterilization together.

Surgical instrument disinfection baskets


Stable structure,Durable , smooth surface, no rust .

Easy to clean . No welded joint , safety use .

Smooth surface,anti-high temperture.

Non-toxic and tasteless.

Longlasting lifetime.

Hole Size guarantee the cleaning and sterilization effect.