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Expanded Meta Mesh Lath Concrete Block Mesh

May. 07 , 2020

Metal Lath is mainly manufactured from hot dipped galvanized expanded steel sheets. This product is typically stapled, nailed or screw applied to the substrate. It can also be tie wire attached to cold rolled grillage.

Embedded in the normal thickness of a brickwork joint, expanded metal reinforcement reduces the detrimental effects of vibration and changes of temperature. The application gives brickwork increased resistance to tensional stresses. The brickwork reinforcement (coil mesh) assists resistance to tensile stresses where settlement occurs. Easily incorporated into mortar course, coiled for ease of handing.

This kind of expanded metals stucco metal lath are widely used in many plaster project, susch as high-rise construction, civic building, workshop and so on. And it has the advantage of strong adhesive force, crack resistance, shakeproof ,etc Generally.


Coil lath is mainly used in concrete slab, roads, paving, foundations, marine work, bank strong rooms, partition slabs, concrete block work, asphalt guttering etc. 


Fix into mortar between brick courses leaving 25mm clearance from face of brickwork. All joints require an overlap of at least 75mm. The mesh can be laid every third brickwork course for most reinforcement.

The common specifications are as follows:

Materials: Gavinized steel plate;

Hole Pattern: Diamond mesh

Specifications: mesh thickness: 0.4mm-0.8mm;

Hole size: 10x20mm, 10x25mm,15x25mm, 12x25mm etc

Thickness: 0.2-3mm

Width: 60-400mm

Length: 10m-100m

Expanded Meta Mesh Lath Concrete Block Mesh Expanded Meta Mesh Lath Concrete Block Mesh Expanded Meta Mesh Lath Concrete Block Mesh