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Hexagonal Expanded Metal

Oct. 08 , 2020

Hexagonal expanded metal mainly as heavy expanded metal are used in step mesh of oil tanks, working platforms, boilers, mine well, automobile vehicles, big ships, facades, roofs, fences, walkways; guarding of machines, making of security windows, road isolation, wall decoration; used with concrete, in buildings and construction, making of arts and crafts and as noise barrier for sound insulation or blinds for obstruction.

Hexagonal expanded metal which offers much stronger property compared with diamond patterns usually applies to heavy type expanded metal mesh in architectural load-bearing applications, such as facades, roofs, fences, gratings, steps, walkways, placards.

Hexagonal Expanded Metal

Product Details:

Thickness: 0.5 mm – 8 mm.

Width: 600mm – 2400 mm.

Hole width: 2.5 mm – 50 mm.

Hole length: 4.5mm – 100 mm.

Supplied in the form of sheet or roll. 

Dimensions of hexagonal expanded metal are made according to customer needs. 

Other opening patterns like round, diamond and special shapes are available.

The diagonal opening is parallel to the width of the sheet.

Sheet Materials:

Steel cold-rolled, hot dipped zinc plated, galvanized

Carbon steel sheets can be electro galvanized or zinc plated

Stainless steel


Copper, brass, 

Surface treatment: 

galvanized, PVC coated, hot dip, powder coated, anodized.


black, green, white, black, blue, silver or other RAL colors.

Hexagonal Expanded Metal